Toni Braxton and the Million Dollar AZATURE Nail Lacquer

Toni Braxton Azature 1

Last year the world was stunned when Kelly Osbourne walked down the red carpet in AZATURE’s Black Nail Lacquer. A nail lacquer containing $250,000 of black diamonds. Just when you thought extravagance and elegance could not push any more boundaries, designer Azature Pogosian revealed his White Diamond Lacquer. Grammy Award winner and star of the WE Network’s The Braxton Family Values, Toni Braxton was the first celebrity to adorn this exquisite lacquer to raise funds for Lupus, a health issue that afflicts the star.

The price tag of $1,000,000 is no surprise! The bottle contains 98 carats of white diamonds with 1,400 individual diamonds set on a platinum cap. AZATURE is redefining opulence and luxury.Toni Braxton Azature 2 Toni Braxton Azature 3

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